“I have gained understanding of how Sparky approaches people and other dogs. He seems more relaxed at home - slowly I can build on what I have gained in this class and work towards improving his behavior. This is for his own safety and more pleasure in his life. Ruth was super!”

CallumI’m a three year old West Highland White Terrier, and Ruth took care of me until I was adopted. She taught me my manners, how to wait at the door, and for my food, to come when I’m called.  I learned to play ball and to love my baby pool. Thanks to her, I found human parents who love me so much, and my Forever Home.

“I’ve had dogs in the past and done training many years ago. I like RuthAnn’s positive approach the best. “Clicker training” seems to work very quickly.”

"Ruth has a vast toolbox of skills for dealing with all kinds of behavior issues! Her positive reinforcement approach has helped rehabilitate countless troubled dogs, as well as transform good dogs into even more wonderful and treasured family members. Ruth has provided invaluable assistance for addressing behavior problems whenever I have sought out her advice for dealing with foster dogs (I provide temporary housing to dogs in rescue). I have also continued to take my ‘kids’ to her classes. My Joey, is having SO MUCH fun in her ‘Intro to Nosework’ class! I’m so glad Ruth has helped us discover yet another way to play together.

Woody“We are not new to dogs. I am a retired veterinarian and our families have had dogs most of our lives.

“RuthAnn’s gentle approach to training has been superior to any other we’ve experienced. Woody was an overly nutty pup when we first went to her classes. She took the time to set the groundwork to develop the well-adjusted, 2-year-old companion we have today. We’d recommend her to anyone.”

“RuthAnn’s guidance makes a fib out of the old saw about teaching an old dog new tricks. She taught me that I could get my three-year-old Corgi to quit pulling my arm out of the socket and be calm even when squirrels are around. I’d recommend her and her methods to anyone who wants a compliant dog taught in a loving, kind manner.”