Nose Work

Ruth and Mia

photo by DeMaine Image

K9 Nose Work® is the newest and fastest growing sport for dogs. Based on training implemented for drug scenting dogs, this sport is aimed at the family dog. K9 Nose Work® is open to any size, shape or age of dog.

We don’t care who your Daddy is!

  • Dogs work only with their human handler and the instructor.
  • Dogs may work both on leash and off leash.
  • Handlers too, may come in all shapes, ages and sizes.


Not into jogging with your dog?
Not into the noise of flyball?
Not into the structure of the obedience ring?

This is the sport for you!


Mia nosework

Mia alerting on her Container search
photo by DeMaine Image

Do you have a dog that may be a little shy or timid in public?

K9 Nose Work® has demonstrated the ability to help dogs gain confidence and become less fearful.

Handlers learn to read the subtle nuances of dog body language. The average dog will not say “Here it is.” to their owner. The handler must be able to understand by the dog’s behavior whether the dog has truly found the prize.

All training is positive.

Dogs must be comfortable being confined to a crate while waiting their turn to learn.


For more information about the originators, K9 Nose Work® Seminars and Trials across the nation: