Welcome to Double Dog, LLC

Double Dog is dog training geared for the family dog; socializing and training puppies, integrating adopted dogs into their new families. Building a relationship between you and your dog through the use of kind and compassionate training methods.

Your dog can be your friend and companion, a shoulder to cry on, someone to hike with, play ball with or keep our feet warm on a cold night. A dog can be that emergency alarm if a stranger creeps into the backyard or the kitchen vacuum cleaner, when baby tosses his dish to the floor.

You, the owner, decide what your dog is permitted to do. Using only positive methods I teach you how to do that.

Obedience classes

  • Puppy classes.
  • Beginning and Intermediate dog obedience classes.
  • Private dog training sessions.

Dog Sports Training

  • K9 Nose Work® (scent training)
  • Upcoming K9 Nose Work® Trials
    • There are no trials scheduled at this time.

Serving clients in Aurora, Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, Castle Rock.

Our goals include:

  • Preventing behavior problems with Puppy classes.
  • Resolving behavior problems with Adult dog groups and private lessons.