Frequently asked questions

What kind of harnesses, collars and leashes may be used in class?
All dogs should be using a flat buckle or quick snap collar.
Leashes should be of flat woven material or leather, four to six feet long.
The instructor may suggest a walking tool for your dog after meeting you and your dog.
Bernese Mtn dogWhat types of rewards are used in class?
We use mostly high value food rewards in class for ease of use. Treats should be small (pea size, grains of rice for small dogs), soft and moist. One bite and down they go. If a dog must chew, the treats are to large and crumbly.
Do I need anything else for class?
Always bring poop bags.
Always have water available for your dog.
Obedience classes
Bring a small non-skid rug for the dog to lay on and training.
K9 Nose Work®
Bring a crate or plan for some way for your dog to be confined safely while waiting the dog’s turn to work.
I have a question not requested here…
Please visit our contact page and send me your question.