I look upon dog training as a brain teaser. How can I, a member of the most intelligent species on the planet Earth, train a dog without resorting to physical corrections such as Alpha rolls, leash pops, or helicoptering while the dog is wearing a choke, prong or electric shock collar?

I teach my human students to use alternative positive methods for training their dog. Instead of just trying to stop a dog from performing an unwanted behavior, the human student will request and reward a behavior that is incompatible with the unwanted behavior.

Class Graduation


A dog jumps on a human to solicit attention.

If the human requests and rewards a “sit” then eventually the dog will learn “sit” gets him the attention he craves.

Clickers and reward mark words are part of the process. Rewards are chosen by the dog. Rewards may be a special food treat, a thrown ball, a game of tug or a cuddle and pet.

My goal is to help foster a warm and loving relationship between humans and this wonderful animal, the dog, who chooses to join us in our journey through life.

Obedience classes

Puppy classes help prevent adult dog behavior problems with training and socialization.

Beginning dog obedience classes aid in solving adult dog behavior problems, training your dog in basic good manners and build relationships with newly adopted dogs.

Intermediate dog training classes continue your dog’s education with a goal of earning the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.

Private dog training sessions are available for the dog that may not be ready for group dog training sessions and working on specific dog behavior issues.

Owners are taught how to train their dogs, using scientifically based positive methods.

Dog Sports Training

Available to enhance your relationship with your dog and have fun.

K9 Nose Work®, scent training for the family dog. Designed to encourage you and your dog to work as a team.

Barn Hunt, a sport for vermin hunting dogs of all sizes. — Classes & Judging (Barn Hunt Judge BHAJ-019-A)


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